100% Loss Back Bonus up to £20 at Maria Bingo

Weekends are already the most pleasant part of the week and you don’t necessarily need slot Capture d’écran 2015-11-12 à 11.47.43machines and other games to surely enjoy these couple of days.

Just in case you are in dire need of an incentive, Maria Casino is ready to provide one and it will come in the form of a 100% loss back bonus.

You’re not going to get rich as a result of participating in this campaign, but the upside is that the odds of suffering a painful downswings are also mitigated.

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All your losses will be reimbursed but only if they don’t exceed €20 or currency equivalent, so it is recommended to tone down your aggressiveness at the tables. This promotion starts on Friday, September 25 and will conclude three days later on Sunday, September 27 at midnight.

If you feel lucky and one to put it to the test, then you can also play slot machines because the bingo operator has recently introduced a couple of innovative games.

Cheeky Bingo and OMG Kitttens are two shining examples and both of them are eligible for 100% reimbursement of up to the aforesaid limit. It goes without saying that those highrollers and players who have higher expectations and wager larger amounts are also going to benefit from this campaign.

The thing is that they won’t get more than €20 credited back to their account assuming they lose more than that. If they win, then it’s all the better because they could not care less about getting any losses refunded.

€20 is both the high and the low limits so make sure you don’t deposit any less than this because this will make you ineligible for this promotion. Assuming you happen to lose money and qualify for the refund, please art yourself with patience because it will take a couple of hours or days to receive the money.

Assuming you lose the funds on Friday, you will have to wait three days because the refunds will be under way starting on Monday, September 28.

This is not cashable money so you will have to meet additional wagering requirements, but it is still better than losing the money altogether.

Not only these two slot machines but all the bingo games at Maria Bingo and many other video slots qualify, so there are no obstacles blocking your way.