Playing Poker

Playing poker and casino games over the Internet is an entirely different experience from enjoying the same game at real money tables. One of the reasons for why so many poker players who are mildly successful at live games have a hard time surviving online is that they can’t extract information.

Dedicated poker tools are coming to their rescue and they help with tracking performance as well as providing useful data about the opponents, even if you haven’t played against them before.

What is SharkScope?

While the vast majority of the poker tools focus on individual players and are supposed to provide information about opponents, SharkScope is different. It focuses on the bigger picture and its goal is to help those using it find the best tournaments and cash games to play, regardless of stakes.

FireShot Capture 33 - SharkScope - Statistiques de poker en ligne et en_ - http___fr.sharkscope.com_

It has been around for long enough to prove his worth on multiple poker networks and it tends to work better on those poker rooms where there is no shortage of players.

SharkScope is great at both cash games and tournaments, but the area where it shines brightly is the restrictive niche of Sit and Gos. It works as a huge database that enables players to monitor their performance over a longer period of time, while providing them with concise statistics and charts. To make matters easier for beginners, it is also capable of displaying the information in the form of short videos. Last but definitely not least, SharkScope blog is another reliable source of poker news.FireShot Capture 34 - SharkScope - Statistiques de poker en ligne et en_ - http___fr.sharkscope.com_

The shortcomings of SharkScope

As with all poker tools, there are both advantages and shortcomings associated to the use of SharkScope. To start with, players are only allowed to search the database for free five times a day, which is not enough for savvy poker players. The cost of using this system 24/7 is significantly higher and the monthly subscription consists of $15, with an additional nine dollars being paid to unlock a batch of 200 searches.


Another problem that many poker players have noticed is that not only them but virtually anyone can have access to statistics regarding their game. This makes it easier for their opponents to extract valuable information about their style of play, which will make them far more difficult to counter at the tables.

The bottom line is that SharkScope is a highly reliable and professional source of information for analytic players and a must have for anyone who takes poker seriously.