Betfair Slots launches the Free Spin Field Day campaign

Betfair-spinsFree Spins on Nemo’s Voyage is the name of the latest promotions that has hit the Betfair Arcade section and it properly celebrates the beginning of spring. The online casino chose the perfect moment for offering a nice gift to those who are ready to make the transition to online gambling. Their collection of slot machines is already impressive and the addition of this new title would’ve otherwise gone unnoticed.
Now that they offer the generous bonus, they are certain that the new game will spend some time in the spotlight, at least for one week until the promotion expires. The procedure for enrolling is extremely simple and all that players are supposed to do is to opt in for this promotion before embarking on this epic quest. The next thing on their mind should be to spin the reels of Spartacus slot machine, a game that has been introduced not so long ago in the Betfair Vegas Slots section.
As stated above, free spins are the reward of choice and players are guaranteed to receive some if they meet the prerequisites. The number of free spins as well as their value depends on how many time they place qualifying bet in the Spartacus slot machine. For instance, if you play 100 spins you will receive 25 good to use in the Nemo’s Voyage slot game and each of them will be worth £0.40p/spin.
It’s a nice way to experiment the thrills of a new slot machine, but things get even better if you play 250 spins, since you will receive 20 free spins at £1.20/spin. If money is not of the essence or you hope to make the most of this exquisite campaign then you should definitely play a minimum of 500 spins to collect the 15 free spins paying £2/spin. Each of these can result in significant profits and you only need to be a little lucky to end up with a lot of cash by the time the promotion comes to an end.
Nemo’s Voyage is going to be here for a long while, but this campaign will conclude at the end of the week, so make sure you double your efforts and are active until Sunday at midnight. Seven days is all that players will get to meet the wagering requirements and convert the free spins into profits, because one week later a new promotion will start.


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