Enjoy Free Speed Bingo at Mirror Bingo

Time is always of the essence and it comes to modern people and the fact that they gamble over the Internet, doesn’t change any of that.

When playing games from the comfort of your home, you already have the advantage of not having to travel to remote locations.

A lot of time is saved by playing bingo in this fashion and not surprisingly they were many who chose to make the transition from conventional polymers to their virtual counterparts.
Mirror Bingo has emerged as a popular bingo room and recently it started to introduce other types of games, ranging from slot machines to scratch cards.

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The idea is to emerged as a one-stop shop for all those who seek more than one genre and provide the gaming environment that is second to none of the land-based venues.

It is only fair to say that they brilliantly succeeded in both areas and the latest promotions provide the impetus players need to keep it up.

If you’re all about speed and hope to win a lot of money while playing your favorite game and still spend a reasonable amount in front of the computer, then you can consider yourself lucky.

Throughout October they will be opportunities to win generous prizes from 8 PM to 9 PM and all these riches can be unlocked in the Pennies from Heaven room. Just as the name suggests, you don’t need a lot of money to participate in this campaign and anyone regardless of bankroll can be a part of this promotion.

Whether you prefer to play over the weekend or from Monday to Friday, they will be no obstacles blocking your way, because action is ongoing throughout the week. There are a total of 15 games of free speed bingo and players are expected to buy in for at least one cent at any of these tables.

It’s so little that virtually anyone can participate and this promotion should act as an incentive for those who used to play on virtual currency.

They can now make the transition to real money tables without jeopardizing their bankroll and still win real cash. The prizes start at €5 and go all the way up to €25, so the return on investment is significant and both beginners and professionals have exactly the same chances to scoop these paychecks.