Golden Park unveils new lineup of winner

Golden Park doesn’t waste precious time and instead tries to meet playersCapture d’écran 2017-03-07 à 11.54.53 half way by adding more games to its collection.

The list already features hundreds of popular titles, but the most recent slots are every bit as good as the best of them.

In September, new games were added and most of them belong to the video slot variety. These are the ones that have made most people reach and the best paying ones are those carrying progressive jackpots.

Recently, online casinos have a hard time convincing their members that is worth choosing nonprogressive jackpot games. The fact that the amounts won spinning their reels are smaller than those claimed by those who play progressive jackpot games is the main obstacles. However, there are certain advantages associated to rain this games, such as the fact that it’s easier to strike a winning combination.

Golden Park is happy to announce that one of its members has recently won a not so negligible amount of €53,000 playing such again. The winner is a lucky resident of United Kingdom, who also possesses a lot of courage and a decent bankroll. She was one of the few online casino players who were comfortable enough playing $90 per round. In the long run, this can put a lot of pressure on a tiny bankroll, yet it presents players with better chances to win a larger amount.

It is only fair to assume that her gambling sessions frequently resulted in big payouts, but winning €53,000 is significantly more than expected. The winner goes by the name of Shelagh and this is the only information that transpired to the media. The casino decided not to share more data, in order to make sure that the identity of the winner is well protected. This is the kind of commitment that they have to work all their customers and it means a great deal for those who want to keep their activity private.

Those who have an account here and hope to walk in her footsteps, should know that the winning game was Jack and the Beanstalk. This is not exactly a new addition to their collection, but instead it’s a popular slot machine developed by NetEnt. It can be played on a broad spectrum of devices and is available at dozens of other online gambling operators. Its popularity is on the rise and after Shelagh won this amount, even more are expected to choose it among other slots.