Maria Casino anticipates new millionaire this month

Millionaires are made on a monthly basis among those who play online casino games and Maria Casino is a place where progressive jackpots are abundant.

The prize pools start and highly than they go up very fast, with July promising to be truly spectacular.

All those who have an account here are expected to double their efforts and compete for boosted jackpots and deep psychological threshold of €3 million has recently been crossed.


The Mega Fortune Dreams Mega Jackpot is the one that players should be chasing over the next couple of days, because by the end of the month someone could become a millionaire. The online casino is very excited about the prospect of award in this price to one of their members, but the competition is intense and thousands of people participate.

The reason for why the jackpots go up so fast is that they are pooled over the entire network and players from other casinos are also a part of the race.

The press release made by Maria Casino has a two-pronged effect, on one hand drawing attention to this game and on the other emphasizing the size of the jackpot. With so much money on the table, it comes as no surprise that players are flocking to spin the reels of slot machines.

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Meanwhile, they are winning combinations and the wild symbols boost their profits, while free spins are awarded each time they discover scatter symbols on the active pay lines.

The list of winners is updated by Maria Casino and those who check out the official website will find out the names of the recent winners.

Just a couple of days ago, someone won in excess of €150,000 and the money was awarded in British Sterling pounds. Conversion is always made instantaneously and no commission is charged, while the exchange rate is as fair as it gets.

Someone is very likely to strike it rich in July and that’s why it would be a mistake to miss out on a rare opportunity to collect a lifetime win. The prize will be credited immediately to the account of the winner and the high withdrawal limits will empower the player to cash out the entire amount without unnecessary delays.

On the other hand, many winners prefer to withdraw just a partial amount and leave enough cash in their online account to fund other potentially lucrative endeavors.

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