Overview of Badugi poker

Many of the original draw poker versions that used to be immensely popular in the 70s and 80s are now only played by veterans and those who feel nostalgia about the good old times.

The exception to the rule is provided by Badugi, a new poker game that is played by many of the professionals that usually dwell on Texas hold‘em or Omaha poker.

They enjoy this game a lot, despite the fact that it is not widely spread in online poker rooms, so there is a good chance for it to rise to prominence in the next few years.


Overview of Badugi poker

If you wonder where this type of poker originates from, know that Badugi has been play for the first time in Korea and was quickly adopted in the United States and Europe. It uses an original strategy that one must thoroughly understand in order to outshine opponents, but there are very few experts yet, so the gap can be closed easily.

Just as many other versions of hi-low poker games this one demands players to make the lowest possible hand to win the pot.

This consists of four different cards of various colors and ranks, so players should focus on avoiding suited cards and pairs of any sorts. Just like other types of poker, in Badugi aces and faces cards are the highest-ranking ones, so it is wise to steer clear of those fans that include them.


Having said this, it is possible to win with such a hand as long as they are of different suits, so home still remains.

Principle and rules of Badugi poker

Between two and six players can play the game and each will receive four hole cards, with no community cards to use. The fact that Badugi uses triple draw rules speaks for itself, as players have the opportunity of exchanging their cards between the betting rounds. It makes perfect sense to get rid of high cards, pairs and pretty much anything that could result in a high-ranking hand.

Action moves around the table in clockwise format, with a betting round preceding the first drawing round, followed by another betting sequence. After the second draw concludes, players will bet once again depending on the strength of their hands and this is followed by the final draw. It all concludes with the fourth betting round and after this process is complete, players reveal their cards and the lowest hand of Badugi wins.