Rainbow Riches goes live at Sky Bingo

skybingoSometimes online gambling groups prefer to keep things simple and surprise their customers, with games that are released without anyone knowing. It is always nice to receive something for free or to be presented with a new winning opportunity, so these campaigns go silky smooth.

Sky Bingo does it as well, but when it comes to highly anticipated titles such as Rainbow Riches, they found it impossible to resist the temptation of sharing the good news with enthusiastic fans.

The bingo community was cheering at the imminent release of this game and the time has come for them to enjoy it. Rainbow Riches is now here on Sky Bingo and it is going to keep players entertained for a long while, while presenting them with a chance to round up their bankrolls. It is available on the site and it is already up and running, so there is no time to lose for those who enjoy the best in online bingo.

rainbowAs always, the best way to celebrate the arrival of a new game is by offering a bonus that will be virtually impossible to ignore by prospective customers. Assuming you find the prospect of playing Rainbow Riches appealing and you only need a slight incentive to get on board, maybe the extra £5 free will convince you. What this means is that if players deposit the aforementioned amount, they will receive eight times more and enjoy an unexpected bankroll boost of £40.

Even though this could sound too good to be true, the numbers are right and all new bingo customers who register between February 24 and March 3 qualify for this offer. The money needs to be used exclusively on the recently released Rainbow Riches bingo game, which shouldn’t be a problem given the tremendous potential of this title. If you haven’t played bingo here before and you want a slight diversion from your online gambling routine, then you won’t find a better opportunity to join the party, than this one.

There are no strings attached and no additional terms and conditions, so all new players are eligible if they are willing to commit £5. When you make the qualifying deposit, also remember to use the RAINBOW promotional code, to be eligible for the bonus. It will be credited to your real money account shortly, so it can be used right away on the newest title on the Sky Bingo network.

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